Meditation for when you are waiting for your Uber

August 02, 2018

SA TA NA MA - Meditation

This is one of my ultimate favorite meditations. You can do it anywhere at any time! It allows you to clear your mind and de-clutter mental patterns. Rewire your story and set you up for success. When you find yourself repeating the same story over and over and you feel like shutting your mind off - this is how you do that!  #powertothemax

Set an Intention:  If you feel called to do so, set an intention before you start. If you are in need of something ask for it; strength, peace, self-love, or if you are going somewhere and want things to go a certain way, ask for that as well. Either way get clear on your goal for taking a mental break. 



Posture: Sit straight and comfortable.

Eyes: Meditate at the Brow Point.

Mantra: Produce the five primal sounds: SA, TA, NA, MA as you alternate each finger with your thumb. 

SAA: Infinity, cosmos, beginning

TAA: Life, the existence

NAA: Death, change, transformation

MAA: Rebirth

This is the cycle of Creation. From the Infinite comes life and individual existence. From life comes death or change. From death comes the rebirth of consciousness to the joy of the Infinite through which compassion leads back to life.


Time: You can do this meditation for 3, 11, or 31 minutes. You can also do it when you are feeling like your mind or negative thoughts are taking over, you are bored waiting in line, for someone to arrive or waiting for an Uber.

To End: Follow with one 1 minute of stretching the arms over your head and spreading the fingers wide, shaking them out, circulating the energy, inhaling and exhaling 3 times. Relax.

Comments: Each time the mudra is closed by joining the thumb with a finger, the ego “seals” the effect of that mudra in the consciousness. The effects are as follows:

1st finger: Knowledge

2nd finger: Intelligence, patience

3rd finger: The energy of life

4th finger: Communication





Hope you love and share with me how it goes!




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