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September 24, 2018

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Grounding is one of the most important things we can learn to do for ourselves. It is an act of kindness and self-love. Being grounded can make or break your day. No one likes the days where we lose our keys - spill coffee all over us - leave our bags at home and have to get home to no more noodles in the pantry. So no pressure or anything but let's get you grounded!


Grounding, in other words, is feeling anxious and living in the past or the future but not in the present. Is allowing our energy to be scattered everywhere mentally emotionally and physically, and that is why we lose things, we feel “off” and just don’t seem to have it together.


All you need is to “Come to Now” and ground your self. It can be such an easy shift. This month we will become experts at it. We will work with a beautiful meditation, remove seeds and rooted old stories about ourselves, observe who we are and what we look like when we are not grounded, and learn the tools that work the quickest and fastest for us to Come back to NOW!


If you have lots of ideas and insight, but difficulty manifesting them, grounding will help. Grounding is simply a process of getting our attention out of our heads and into our bodies. Most of us spend the day “thinking ahead” or “planning”, arranging our time, our jobs, you get the idea. Many of us run our body on autopilot, only giving it a thought if it hurts, or if it is tired…

Let's dive deep - An ungrounded life is like living and not engaging with it.


So what exactly is this grounding? Grounding is often explained as contact with Mother Earth and being present in the Now. Is to be in touch with nature, firmly planted on the ground, and in tune with our bodies. The word means just what it says—to be connected with the ground, to establish a strong and powerful energy connection with the earth. Grounding is used to make sure your electrical and magnetic fields are well balanced, so we can manifest, create and evolve.

Grounding your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, i.e. any of the nonphysical aspects of being human, allows those aspects to become real and to manifest in your life. 


  • It increases balance, physical and emotional stability. Brings strength to our everyday challenges as it makes us feel secure to be here. Gives us a better understanding of our life purpose.

  • Helps us release all the energy that is stuck, unprocessed or we wish to release but we don't know how. It also removes the energy that we gather from other people that are not serving us but we are carrying it with us.

  • Is where manifesting happens. In order to manifest we need to be present, and live in the now. In order to Come to Now, we need to ground.



Are you feeling; dizziness, constant daydreaming, a little lost, a feeling of spaced out, weight gain, clumsiness, forgetful feelings more often than not? Chances are some grounding will reset you and help you move forward.



Any time you feel spacey or disoriented it is a good idea to ground and center yourself. That is to connect yourself energetically to Earth, being grounded will help you with inner focus.

Whatever your beliefs are this simple practice can make a huge difference in your life. There are many techniques for grounding and it is wise to look for those that work best for you.

Grounding your self is an easy habit: 

1. Quick shift

Eating food from the earth, fruits, vegetables, drinking lots of water every day, this simple hack can actually keep you grounded, walking barefoot, best on the grass, sand, any natural surface - if the intention is there in your apartment works too ;)  work out - yoga, run, bike move your body, animal cuddles - spend some time with animals, they help us bring our energy into the ground, and last but not least, mediate and visualize is the most powerful way to ground your self.

2. Develop new habits that feel good

More of this in deep in our Collective Grace October workshop!

3. Center Yourself - Find Yourself

Before we can ground ourselves, we have to know who we are. Bring your focus back to yourself. Focus on what you are thinking. Focus on what you are feeling. Reject the energy others are projecting onto you, and solely center on who you are. It may seem harsh at first to ignore the feelings and desires of others to focus on our own desires, but with practice, we quickly learn the benefits of this practice as we become so much clearer within yourself.

4. Visualizations

This is a beautiful visualization you can do every morning or night. Make it a habit, set your alarm to remind you and enjoy the benefits of staying connected to the ground.

1. Relax and visualize yourself sending an energy cord or light beam into the earth from your root center or your tailbone and allow it to reach the earth core allowing you to get energy from the Earth and return excess energy down the cord. The energy you send down the cord that is not your own is cleansed and used by the earth. Your own energy is cleansed and returned to you.

2. A classic form of grounding is to imagine roots growing into the Earth from your feet and spinal column or central energy channel. Some Traditions strongly prefer that you ground from the spinal center and not from the feet. I follow the tradition of asking the Earth for permission and thanking her for her healing energy.

3.Starts with dropping a cord of light from the heart, and or solar plexus, straight down the spinal channel to the center of the Earth. Or calling up a cord from the Earth center, which some people find easier, and then flowing it up to the spiritual center (sometimes going through the Sun). I then expand it to be a tube, encompassing my entire basic aura.

5. Let's be honest

Write. Writing is the best way to dismantle all the false stories our mind is creating. Why? because once you write for a few minutes, the story gets old, gets crazy, gets unreal and out of full. You find yourself repeating the same thing over and over. When we write we are able to consciously see that everything that is running "rent free" in our minds and creating all this anxiety is not the truth of what is really happening.

Writing allows us to laugh at how crazy are stories sound and help us see that we are indeed safe, we do have control of our now and we can take care of our challenges one day at a time.

Download this "let's get real" tracing paper and get real with your self. No one is looking, no one is judging.


Do you shower every day? Then connect every day! Every time you are in the shower, before you finish, stomp your feet on the ground, set the intention to keep your head, heart, and feet on this earth! Intentions are powerful and just resetting your mind can rewire your subconscious into knowing you want to be here and participate in life.


This is just the beginning of our October theme!

Want to know more, I will be diving deeper into all these subjects and sharing more hacks to get grounded in our October membership - it's all about grounding! So either enroll for our online membership or get a box and set a stage to dive deeper and learn more! LEARN MORE HERE > > >

Can't wait to work together and connect!

xx  - Luciana



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