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Welcome to our Collective Grace family, I’m so excited that you made this commitment!

You are just in time for our October workshop!

October's theme is all about grounding! Just in time for a perfect Fall Season! 

Let’s get to work! Grounding is one of the most important things we can learn about ourselves. To quickly discerner weather we are grounded or not is key for a happy everyday flow! It can make a huge difference in our lives and turn around those days where we lose everything and nothing seems to work aka: “I’m having one of those days”.

Grounding, in other words, is feeling anxious and living in the past or the future but not in the present. Is allowing our energy to be scattered everywhere mentally emotionally and physically, and that is why we lose things, we feel “off” and just don’t seem to have it together.

All you need is to “Come to Now” and ground your self. It can be such an easy shift. This month we will become experts at it. We will work with a beautiful meditation, remove seeds and rooted old stories about ourselves, observe who we are and what we look like when we are not grounded, and learn the tools that work the quickest and fastest for us to Come back to NOW!



The Workshop - aka: breathing exercises, meditations and some candy for your soul. This is where the magic really happens.

• Your October Workbook! 

• A beautiful meditation to work on for 31 days, to remove seeds, weeds and old rooted old stories about yourself.

• Techniques on how to ground yourself and tools to use anywhere, anytime.

• Who you are and what you look like when you are not grounded.

• Come back to NOW lunar calendar to stay on track.

The Online Portal - aka: more knowledge, easy access! 

• Our portal is full of insight on grounding the monthly topic. We will dive deep into the subject, truly understand it's importance and become masters at it. 

• Learn different mediations on grounding as well as breathing techniques
Articles, ways you can incorporate the knowledge into your everyday self-care routine and relationships.

• And of course download freebies and more to place in your home and tech.

• You will be part of our private Facebook community. 

• Our online portal is a place for you to access anywhere any time. It is there for you to always refer back.

   ~  ~

The Box - aka: A box you will receive at your home or preferable mailing address full of beautiful tools and freebies!

Want to receive a Box of beautiful tools with this months workshop: check it out here!

    ~  ~

After these 31 days, you will have all these tools in your pocket ready to be used to shift you quickly into coming back to now! Knowing whether u are grounded or not can be the tiniest change you needed to go from a bad day into a good day!

To learn the importance of living in the present is to allow your self to see the truth, and only what it is right in front of you. No speculations, no past reoccurring scenes of what you did or didn’t do. Is taking a breath and understating that all that matters is the now and we have a chance to move in the direction we want every second we have. So when u are moving miles per hour or simple feeling off, wear your crew and use it as a beautiful reminder to Come to Now - - where life is actually happening. 


Love, Luciana 

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