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 - January - All we have is Now.

All we have is now, yet we tend to worry more about the past or the future and we just can't seem to live in the present. It's in the present where you can actually free yourself from the past, and create the future you want, and now that it's "resolutions" season I thought it would be the perfect time to change the game. Don't set a resolution for something you just want to have, but truly understand why you want the things you do, and why you think they are going to make you oh-so-happy once you get them. You see, life is a manifestation of where you direct your energy. What you think, who you surround yourself with. What you do and how you do it, it is all manifesting right here right now -  all we really have is now and if are acting like chickens and setting resolutions, and intentions all over the place, how is the energy supposed to know where to go?

This month I would love for us to work on that. Understanding how your mind works, getting really personal with it and knowing it so well, it's almost like you know where it will go or what it will think before it does. Doing this will allow you to find clarity on exactly what it is you would like, (not the ushe - hot body, million dollars, permanent vacation) - but to truly know where you can actually help the world by being you.  
We will learn to observe our awareness and redirect it when needed. You will ground yourself easily, become present at the moment, removing fear, stress, made up stories or illusions and of course develop new healthy habits for your mind that will allow you to set the right relationship with yourself and gives you the opportunity to experience a new year as you have never experienced it before. In truth.


All we have is now - Long sleeve tee. Let this tee, serve you as a reminder to always bring your awareness to what it is that you want, serves you well or adds goodness into your life.

• Crystal Gem Soap- One of the best ways to bring our awareness to the present moment is through water and our physical bodies. Let this beautiful soap support you this month to bring you back to the activity of self-care, or you. Come to this moment and feel the temperature of the water, the shower, what are you feeling, what you want from this day? * Soaps will be assorted.

• Your Online Portal -Exclusive access 24/7 to our CG online portal. Make part of this incredible community to share, support and rise collectively.

• The Workbook - breathing exercises, meditations and some candy for your soul. This is where the magic really happens.

This month we will learn the difference between our mind and our awareness, and why is it so important to notice where our awareness is, and where it goes when it gets drifted away by our own thoughts or the people or circumstance around us.

We will practice controlling your awareness for 31 days and pair it with a beautiful meditation for fresh starts.


The greatest gift you can give yourself is the experience of your true self. Dive deep within - I will be guiding you - and do it in the most effortless way, with the most beautiful tools!

With love & grace, Luciana 


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