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Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or heavy...let's change that.


If somethingis overwhelming, you mean to say that it is overpowering in effect or strength. Overwhelm is a verb that means “to overpower” or “to cover or bury.” It is important to get clear with everything you are working with, and become realistic to what is for you to do, carry and take care off, vs. what can totally be put to rest. Set boundaries is key, and finding ease and clarity will give you peace within. 

Below you will find quick hacks to get you moving. Read, search, play - - take what you need! The important thing is that you allow yourself to shift, even if it is a teeny-weeny shift in perspective, in your thinking, in your feeling. Shifts are subtle ways to seeing things from a different perspective, acquire some self-love, self-compassion, and harness the strength to keep on going. That is why they say that the tinnies shift of them all can actually move mountains. So before we go any further ...stop, take a deep breath, change your frequency, & carry on!









Have 3 minutes of spare?

When you train your body to get used to seeing things through a specific lens, after 40 days it becomes a habit. Can you teach your body to act and not react?

For anyone who’s ever wanted to buy a Mala and needed a good excuse! I made it easy for you ;) This is the best-secret mediation you can pull anywhere, anytime and no one will ever notice. Of course, I recommend practicing in your sacred space, but hey, if you are in a meeting and it's feeling heavy - I don't blame you if you get the beads moving!

Traditionally, prayer beads are made of 108 beads, in some cases, they can be divisible by 9 plus one guru bead. The significance of 108 beads is an important number and is considered sacred in many religions and historical events. The 109th bead is often called the guru bead, or the tassel. The tassel is meant to represent one thousand lotus petals.

Meditating with a Mala is such a beautiful practice. It brings together multiple tools into one meditation by combining the sound, gemstone therapy, acupressure and a deep focus within. Plus you get to buy a new necklace and also have a "don't kill my vibe" secret weapon!


Listen to this beautiful mantra for peace and ease.



Have 5 minutes of spare? 

1. The connecting the dots technique:

If you find it difficult to unwind after a long, stressful day, it can be challenging to make the most of your evenings and recharge for tomorrow.

Use it:   When you’re unable to unwind after a stressful work day

  1. Picture a small ball of yarn holding all of that residual tension from the day.
  2. Find the tip of the yarn and imagine it slowly unrolling. The strand gets longer and longer, and you can actually feel your tension unwinding.
  3. The yarn is now completely loose and you are relaxed and able to enjoy the night.


2. The light technique:

Whether you’re about to tackle it or are trying to decompress after you’ve completed it, an important and difficult task can cause anxiety. Light visualizations are a popular technique for relaxation, so why not give this one a try?

Use it:  When you need to relax before (or after) tackling a big task

  1. Visualize yourself surrounded by a glowing orb of blue light.
  2. Breathe in the light and allow it to fill your whole head.
  3. Visualize those tensions leaving your body as black smoke. They dissolve completely in the light around you.
  4. With each breath, allow your body to gradually fill with the healing blue light until your entire being is clear, like a blue crystal.


Vibrate these mantras everywhere you go. Take control of your mind.


> ONE. Heart over Head.
Allow your mind to be the servant of your heart.

> TWO. Feel It! It's Friday! Take it easy, give yourself this day for you.

> THREE. Slow Down, focus on you and do you. 



> FOUR. I am. You are you, no one else's problems, feelings, or solutions. Stay in your lane.

> FIVE. When overwhelm, Get Your Sweat On! Release toxins, get moving, get some 

> SIX. Get Off The Internet! There's nothing good there, rest, come within, work out do something good for you. 


These 3 things always work for me:

3. Capture it.
Take the 'overwhelm' out of your head and put it on paper, where you can distance yourself from it a bit. Write, write, write.

2. Chunk it.
Once you've done this, group your tasks and to-dos into larger chunks.

1. Choose and take action...
Moving will make you feel productive, which in turn will make you feel at ease with the knowledge that you are moving your feet.


Instant Game Changers. Discover NEW habits!


We have these powerful beautiful tools on our shop and on every current mood tab because they have such a profound effect on our bodies and our mood (aka, your frequency)Our mind follows our breath, but let’s be honest, life is tough and sometimes it’s hard to change your perception or limiting believes, no matter how much breathing you do! That said it’s not the only way! You can actually change your mind by adjusting the chemistry of your body. Then the mind has no other option but to melt into the incredible sensations that your body is feeling, surrendering to a relaxed and neutral state of mind. Allowing you to find clarity, connect back to love and in the end find peace with it all.


…and what if I tell you that afterward, you get to burn it and play with fire? Does that sound more appealing! Be careful! Journaling is one of the most powerful ways of dumping and emptying your subconscious. If you need the motivation to do so, we created the perfect 2019 Planner! I mean it's a planner but also your NEW personal spiritual guide. Meditate, breath, write & organize, this planner is all the things you wanted, combined into one! Let's keep your joy rolling! If you want to commit get 10% off our HELLO TODAY 2019 planner ( code:cmplanner ) - just for committing to your happiness! Get yours HERE

If you are not into it, that’s fine too, but still, write! Writing is the best date you will ever go on! Is judgment-free zone, and a beautiful place to really get honest with yourself!

Anahata Heart Center 
Apply to wrists, elbow creases and/or sternum/chest.

Geranium - Cardamon - Marjoram - Laurel - Eucalyptus - Melaleuca
- with Rose Quartz gemstones inside -

Use this pocket-perfect Heart Center Blend for unconditional love - - but legit love ;) When we need to not be so hard on ourselves when we need to have compassion for others. When we need to forgive, accept and be more open to going with the flow of life, vs the flow of our own agenda.This is the most beautiful of them all. The heart center is where everything connects, use it daily, use it when you feel your heart is closed. Use it when you feel envy, resentment, annoyingness. In other words, use it when you are not at ease.

Using essential oils stimulates the olfactory system, the part of the brain connected to smell, including the nose and the brain. Once aromas are registered, scent travels faster to the brain than both sight or sound. Molecules that enter the nose or mouth pass to the lungs, and from there, to other parts of the body. Sending signals to the limbic system which is a part of your brain that plays a role in emotions, behaviors, sense of smell and long-term memory.

The limbic system is heavily involved in forming memories. This can partly explain why familiar smells can trigger memories or emotions. The limbic system also plays a role in controlling some unconscious physiological functions, such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure. Essential oils can exert a physical effect on your body in this way. Some of the health benefits of aromatherapy include its ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, boost energy levels, speed up the healing process, eliminate headaches, boost cognitive performance, induce sleep, strengthen the immune system, reduce pain, improve digestion and increase circulation. So there, why not use these beauties, when your thoughts seem to run around rent-free in your mind?

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Come on! You deserve it, give yourself 10 minutes tonight if you can do 30 hey by all means, and if you can get a book and a glass of wine or some tea while you are at it, then you are definitely in for a treat! Allowing time for yourself will reset you with clarity and purpose. It does not get any more relaxing than taking a bath, sometimes all we need is to stop by- refresh - reset - and we open our minds to creative ideas! Tomorrow will be a new day.

This soak will detoxify your skin, relax your muscles and loosen stiff joints. It will soothe your cells and skin. Moves you to a slower mental state to remove what no longer serves you, find clarity and peace within.

Disinfectant: Since Lemon oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, Lemonis a good cleaner! It is used for cleansing the body, removing all toxins from your skin. 

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These 6 beauties rule your house. Connect with them, change your frequency.




Thank you for stopping by. For reading, browsing, searching and filling in with some real goodness. For not letting our frenetic world take charge of your mind and heart. Congrats for choosing peace of mind.



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With all my love & grace - LUCIANA

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