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Hi there, I'm so stocked you're here! My name is Maria Lucia, I am the founder and artist behind LUCIANA.
My life is an artful exploration for a stronger connection with the Self to dismantle all unnecessary layers.
LUCIANA is the expression of this beautiful exploration. A place for you to feel inspired to be YOU!



My personal journey has shown me the immense power of searching within. 
I understood how important it is to be responsible for our own being, to take
accountability for your “stuff” and dust it off. We are not taught to look inside, 
we are not taught to participate in our own healing, to seek within. 


I created this space for you to Refresh - - Reset.

A sacred place where you can slow down, take a breather and change
your frequency. Spend some quality time with you and for you,
to guide your heart and soul to focus on what matters most,
neutralize and carry on. 


Truth is, I believe that searching within, might actually get us closer together as a human race - we will come to admit wholeheartedly that we are all one. Searching within is the most beautiful journey you could ever allow yourself to go through. This is my fire; I want to share this feeling, inspire this undertake, magnify this abundance in you because we have been taught that seeking from others to resolve ourselves is the safe route.


And then what? Then we get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Searching within means having a conversation with your self, yes, you with you, and admitting how, when and why you are the way you are, and walk the path of seeing, understanding, forgiving and shifting yourself. It means coming to terms with how you are and who you want to be and remove one and raise the other one! 


So shop around, do some reading, do it because it feels good, because it makes you happy and because you decide to come to terms that self-care does come first! I hope we can connect and you enjoy this space that I’ve created for you, for us, because we are connected. 


xoxo, Maria




bring balance into your LIFE 👏

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