Get real comfortable, because your life is about to change once and for all! 


Try these thoughts, can you...

  • Get comfortable with the understanding that life is busy, accept it, admit it and embrace it. It doesn't need to be a stressful factor. It is what it is and that's totally A-OK!

  • Get comfortable with the idea that you do come first, and making yourself a #1 makes everyone's life around you so much better, plus it makes your life too so much better so win-win!

  • Get comfortable with the idea that you do not have to take care of everything, everyone, and their pets! That's not yours to own, you are not a Nutella jar that has to please everyone.

  • Get comfortable with the idea that yes there are friends, and brands - - wink, wink (although we like to think of ourselves more like a friend) that are truly and genuinely dedicated to holding you, to be there for you and support your day-to-day every day!

  • Get comfortable surrendering to the knowledge that a good day starts with happy clothes! Whoever wears tight jeans and harsh sweaters and have a successful day at work, nadie!

  • Get comfortable with the idea that we weren't created to do it all and be it all. That life comes at us very fast and that a mantra, a quote, a few words can actually change someones day and even someones life's path.

Getting comfortable with these truths means relaxing into the fact that you can indeed create your own balance, and fine control in the things that matter to your mind, body, and soul! 


So why basics?

    • Basically, because we believe that simple is greater.

    • We like to be versatile and go from work to dinner and keep it effortless but stylish!

    • We understand getting your butt to gym class is hard, so we all need that extra push and yes why not wear it all by the end of the day you have convinced your mind!

    • And because being comfortable = happiness! Feeling comfortable in your own skin, in your own body, and in your own light, is priceless!


Feeling comfortable enough to take care of your trifecta? Hey, because if you're still having some doubts on committing to YOU, and you are having a juice on the side... keep on reading... here are some excuses juices we know you are going to pull, so we're here to ease your ear out! 


With love,
The LUCIANA team


P.S: Have any questions thoughts or ideas, send us a message our awesome customer service team is HERE to help!
P.S.2: Curious about why are we so passionate about our work! This is why we create the way we create.




bring balance back into your life 👏

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