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Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or heavy...let's change that.

If something is overwhelming, you mean to say that it is overpowering in effect or strength. Overwhelm is a verb that means “to overpower” or “to cover or bury.” It is important to get clear with everything you are working with, and become realistic to what is for you to do, carry and take care off, vs. what can totally be put to rest. Set boundaries is key, and finding ease and clarity will give you peace within. 

Below you will find quick hacks to get you moving. Read, search, play - - take what you need! The important thing is that you allow yourself to shift, even if it is a teeny-weeny shift in perspective, in your thinking, in your feeling. Shifts are subtle ways to seeing things from a different perspective, acquire some self-love, self-compassion, and harness the strength to keep on going. That is why they say that the tinnies shift of them all can actually move mountains. So before we go any further...stop, take a deep breath, change your frequency, & carry on!

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