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We live in a world of endless options! As well as endless excuses! It's just a matter of priorities, yep we said it!  Hey, we know life is busy, but this is your life we are talking about! So here is our excuses juices isle! We know you are going to pull some... so we are here to ease your ear out!

  • Not enough time!

    If this is the case, it's because you're not making time. You're prioritizing certain things over others – it's as simple as that. If fitness were essential to you, you would fit it in!

    For example, you choose to spend those extra hours at work, and no one is forcing you to. It might be because you have a strong work ethic where you feel you have to complete everything before you go home, or because you have been asked to take on yet another project. Remember that these are active choices you are making to prioritize work over the other areas of your life. Highly successful and time-poor individuals still manage to find and create time for fitness, friends, and personal growth, so there are no excuses.

    Get your personal VIG and magically find the extra time! The more you have to do, the more time you have, and that's a proven fact! You will learn why if you have an exercise class at 6.30 pm on a Tuesday; friends over for dinner on a Thursday night 1) you come first and 2) saying 'no' to anything that comes up at those times – is called balance.

  • Work-life balance - yeah, right!

    Work is slowly creeping into all hours of the day, with heavier workloads and mobile technology, meaning most people are expected to be on call every waking hour, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. You are likely to be prioritizing your career more than ever, as you attach it more and more with your identity and status. Become aware of this trap so you can come out victoriously!

    We have a plethora of incredible gatherings you can start on now! Includes non-working out ideas too ;) And we know you are going to like more than one! Go with this flow to learn more >

  • It's just not possible to do it all! 

    Psychologist Abraham Maslow identified in the 1940s human beings' intrinsic need to strive towards full self-actualization, where 'what a man can be, he must be.' You place a lot of pressure on yourself to fulfill your utmost potential, including the perfect balance between performing your best at work and in your personal life. However, despite all of the above advice, it is sometimes impossible to fit absolutely everything in.

    When you're trying to achieve your best in everything you do, fitting it all in, it can lead to burn-out. Only change things if you're unhappy. After all, if the wheel isn't broke, why fix it.

    Need a quick and smart way to fix these? Take our find your ease QUIZ to find out how balance is your balance and know where we need some fixing! 


The easiest challenge ever, plus its only 15 days! Happiness guarantee 👍

Yes, please!







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With love,
The LUCIANA team


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