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Hi there! You are here, and we are so excited to share this easy and so powerful formula with you. This has been Maria's personal secret sauce, and she has shared it with the team and everyone who crosses her path in search of “something". And now we're sharing it with you! #happiness


Why do we struggle with balance?
Because it has been highlighted with a bad rep, something unattainable and impossible to achieve. But it doesn't have to be that way, we don't need to foresee the future and stress about our current balance not working our for our long term needs. Balance is a way of living in the present, and feeling hole inside, at the end of the day all we have is now. Balance is giving yourself the validation in the knowledge that you are very important and that if you need certain things it's okay to treat yourself, guilt-free.

We are all searching for success, and yet forget to keep your mind in check, your body feeling good and your soul content. And that is the recipe for a successful day. As inside - outside! Regardless of what you are going through if you learn to know what it is your minds likes, your bodies crave and your soul is searching you are set for success! Implement this personal formula into your everyday flow no matter what the circumstances are. If you keep your Trifecta (mind, body, and soul) in check every day it’s possible to survive life and be happy to be in human form.


We are not trying to figure it all out, go to the gym, kill it at work, have all the perfect relationships, parents, boyfriend and on top of that have perfection hair! It's not about that. Those are unrealistic goals, and lack of boundaries the social context have made us live up too. And we are not going for unrealistic perfections here, so let's remove that expectation once and for all.

We are redefining balance for you, not for your neighbor, your friends or the world. Our purpose here is to help you find those key ingredients you personally need in order to keep ur balance balanced. What makes you happy? What relaxes you? Where do you find joy, ease, and pace?


You VIP?
You are a Very Important person. In fact, you are the most important relationship you will ever hold. So this formula is all about you. Don't feel guilty for taking time for yourself, if you are not full, you can't fulfill others - just FYI. 

Please note, this is a life formula for your path and a way to make sure you are giving yourself what you need. This is not a magic formula to solve and resolve all circumstance in your life that you dislike! 

So now that we are all on the same page... lets play! 



This is a 3 step series. We really, really recommend taking all 3 weeks to do it, it's not time-consuming, but it's important to give yourself enough time to be in different places mentally and emotionally.


Let's get to know yourself:

*** Download your VIG guide HERE
Write down all the things you like to do, or do on a daily basis. Closely pay attention to them every day for the next 8 days. Make an "x" or a ":)" every time you do that. This way we know what you love doing, what you crave and what can fit in your schedule.

If you find your self have some excuses, check out our excuses-juices aisle!

Clean your house:

*** Download your VIG guide HERE 
We really recommend printing this one, as writing with a pen or pencil on paper makes a huge difference than just typing it. Find out what need's to leave, and what can stay. Let's organize your needs.

Clarity = Balance

*** Download your VIG guide HERE 
Now that you have completed what you love doing and what can stay and needs to leave, you have found your top 3 things that will keep your mind, body, and soul connected every day.


Congratulations! You have just figure out your very own personal "Very Important Go-to" formula! Treasure these findings, treat them with respect, be grateful for them and enjoy yourself. Don't get caught up in their simplicity. The most beautiful things in life are the simple ones. They are here to support you, to give you balance and bring clarity to your life.


Do this as many times as you need. Note that life is a constant ever flow of chapters and our needs change based on where we're in life. Don't expect your top 3 very important go-to's to be the same when you are starting a new job, having a bebe 💛 or a new boyfriend. This is all about you and you're constant change-always evolving self. 

Yeiiii! So now what? 

Now we get comfortable, like really comfortable! With these new findings, getting really excited to putt them into practice and commit to the momentum of constant self-care and how you see its benefits almost immediately!!! What's the plan to stay strong? Need a reminder or two? We are still holding space for you - - really, we are going nowhere, so sit, relax and go with this flow > 


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With love,
The LUCIANA team


P.S: Have any questions thoughts or ideas, send us a message our awesome customer service team is HERE to help!
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