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Over the past decade, fast / disposable fashion has seen tremendous growth in popularity by delivering the latest seasonal trends at ever lower and lower prices. In recent years, corporations have been driven by shareholders to improve profits margins using volume and reduced quality or both materials and labor. It’s estimated that apparel manufacturing employs 1 out of every 6 people on the planet, most of them hidden in the shadows of 3rd world burrows who are forced to work strenuous hours in horrible conditions for a price any conscious consumer could feel uncomfortable with. If you’re already aware of the ‘slow fashion’ movement, then welcome! If not, there’s a wonderful documentary, The True Cost, which highlights the course the fashion industry has taken in recent years and the toll it’s taken on the manufactures which support it.

Everyone on the LUCIANA team feels the price paid is too great to ignore and the only way for the system to change is through education and leadership. Education begins with the each individual learning more about the brands they love & support and making a conscious decision on whether it fits their personal beliefs. Leadership starts at the very top of every brand, deciding on utilizing a path of sustainability and rewarding the people who help support the industry with a safe and prosperous future. In the end, no one wins when the purchase of something beautiful creates a blight upon another individual.




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