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Your mind is like a pool, your container, the source that holds it all. It is your mental/emotional aspect. The mind processes thoughts and ideas as well as feelings and emotions. The mind is consciousness, memory, and imagination.


Your body made out of roughly 50 trillion cells organizes, commands, and set in motion our entire human body’s functions. Tissue, nerves, bones, and organs, the body expresses itself in the language of matter, atoms, particles, and molecules. 


Your soul is connected to your spirit, it is divine, radiant, and stands in the light to show you the path. The soul is a non-physical aspect of the human being. It is our personal and individuated expression of the divine or spirit. The soul is that part of us that longs to have meaning and seeks answers to the great questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? 


We believe that its all in the small things, and wearing soft, comfortable basics results in feeling good in the inside and outside. We create for your mind, body, soul’s connection and its intricate link that we might not fully understand but we can definitely feel its effects.


Keeping your trifecta in balance is a successful day. We are all more than just our thoughts. We are also our bodies, our emotions, and our spirituality…all these things combine to give us our identity, determine our health, and make us who we are. But life is busy, and social media platforms are created, and we are being constantly bombarded with nonsense.


Our intention is to create a space to inspire you to keep your trifecta in check. To live in your world. To be okay with where you are, what you like, and how you are - no comparisons needed-. To inspire your mind to push your body to detox, to sweat, to reconnect with your soul! You got this, we are here to push you, inspire you, hold you and make sure your mind, body, soul balance is on point!


Welcome to our world, basics that make us feel good about ourselves, just like we are; raw, messy and wild. Which part of your trifecta needs some loving today? Your mind? Your body? or your soul? Refresh - - reset #selfcarecomesfirst.




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