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Welcome to our studio - your space!
You're the most important thing you have, and we tend to completely ignore this or even care to acknowledge it from time to time. This is our foundation for our work and my intention! Our entire collection is here to inspire YOU to take care of YOU! #selfcarecomesfirst. Introducing your Trifecta! A vital connection between your Mind, Body, and Soul. You might have heard about it at some point in your life, we're here to bring it to life! And guess what, this connection doesn't have to be a complicated one it's a straightforward and compelling one. Let's see what we are working with here:



When our mind is out of balance, negativity takes over, and with that, all of its friends; anxiety, stress, fear…should I go on? Your mind is like a pool, a container, the source that holds your thoughts, your emotions, your visions. It is your mental and emotional daily conversation. The mind processes these thoughts, ideas, and feelings and communicates them with your body. Hence feeling hot when you're angry. Your mind needs balance in the knowledge that there are a time and place for everything; it can't tilt too positive or too negative; balance is in the neutral state of ease.



When your body is out of balance, we can't experience life. Pain and being uncomfortable is no Bueno for anyone. Your body is made out of roughly 50 trillion cells, organizes, commands, and setting in motion your entire body's functions. Moving it, detoxifying it, stretching it, nourishing it's so essential to find clarity, release stress, and see our purpose. Our body houses both our minds and our souls, and when this house is not feeling well, well everything is not looking well.



When your soul is out of balance, life has no meaning, no purpose, and your heart is empty, who wants to get out of bed like that? Not us! Your soul is divine, radiant, and its job is to show you the path. The soul is a non-physical aspect of the human being. It is our personal and individual expression, the part of us that craves to feel alive, to be creative to give to others. The soul is that part of us that longs to have meaning and seeks answers to the great questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? 



For our lives to move and flow, we need to keep a constant balance between these beauties, that's our work's duty. To save a close eye on each of these, to keep you moving, growing, and grooving!


So which of your three beauties needs some love in your life? 

Your Mind? To find rest in the knowledge that doing nothing is also doing something

Or your Body? With a 'lil motivation to get your sweat on

Or your Soul? In discovering that the magic is in the breath


Keep an eye on your trifecta. Guide it to balance during your day. Balance is everything in our day-to-day and to find time to get the things you need most and not feel overwhelmed. 

...and we are not talking about having it all together plus perfect hair and on the side! No, no! Those are just unrealistic expectations. We are talking about learning to be kind with yourself as often as possible, or doing some yoga because punching people is frown upon ;) That's the kind of balance we wholeheartedly believe that will set you up for success. When your mind is taken care of, your body feels good, and your soul is whole, then, the world is all yours! Sounds heavenly? Go with this flow to learn more >





Thank you for letting us inspire you, for welcoming balance into your life, and believing in yourself. If you love this as much as we do, and youlove birthday gifts, fun quizzes, and ultra discounts that we don't share anywhere else,  join our LUCIANA fam! Bring balance back into your inbox HERE! 


With love,
The LUCIANA team


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bring balance into your LIFE 👏

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