Let’s get really honest for a minute…life is crazy-busy and we are all guilty of skipping working out classes, meeting with friends and even our meditation practice, (cof, cof, we figure you already have one, right?;) with endless excuses-juices (there is one for everyone) on why we should skip, and then let the guilt trip galore begin. We understand. It’s hard to commit let alone get back on the wagon after life happens, awesome Netflix shows and social media…but when we do so, oh-everything feels so good, right?

Well, we’re SO happy you’re here because that’s what we’re all about. Win your day- every day! (Yes, it's totally possible).


So why is balance our everything?
Balance keeps your mind in check, your body feeling good and your soul content. And that’s all you really need to win the day, regardless of what life is throwing at you. We like to call your Mind, Body, Soul connection your Trifecta. The most important relationship you will ever have! Keeping you trifecta in balance and making this your #1 priority will make everything else melt like butter off your shoulders.


Because when you take care of your Trifecta a sense of well-being and connection is created within you by feeling safe, strong and hole. It is like pouring the concrete to the fundamental structure of a skyscraper. It's your grounding force. First comes your inside world in order to have success in your outer world. 


Our goal; to redefining the “balance” bad rep of overrated, unrealistic, and unattainable. Hey, we're not going for perfection here - life is a ride, but we're going for the understanding of that beautiful dance between knowing your current life happenings and what you truly need. Our type of balance is about finding out where you have a gap in your Trifecta and committing to taking care of it!


Let's do this!
So here are 2 options to get your current life in balance:


  1. Find ease with this Quiz!
    If you are not sure how balanced is your balance, we understand, happens to our team all the time. As different chapters in our lives arrises different needs come to the surface! We created this fun quick QUIZ to find out where a little extra loving will set you up for success in your day-to-day balance! I really encourage you to take it and get to know yourself!

  2. Create your own balance using the V.I.G. Method!
    Create the balance that works for YOU with the most powerful and easiest balance formula ever! It will help you master even the tougher polar vortex (have to go to work and on top of that missed your work out kinda days). Create your very own personal VIG's (Very Important Go-to's) HERE. This is Maria's (our founder's) personal formula for balance!


This is where it gets super exciting for us! Maria and the LUCIANA team are thrilled to be here for you! This is our commitment to you and your VIG’s. We created to inspire you to keep your Trifecta in check! We innovate the softest and happiest basics to strengthen the balance of your current present. And we love supporting these days with authentic relationships from our team, and an effortless shopping experience…let’s be honest time is precious people!

So now that you know why balance is our everything, and soon to be yours, get moving, grooving and in balance for the next…uhm…for life! Pick your poison and create the perfect balance for your current life!

Pick one, find ease in balancing your life today!




We are so excited you're here. Welcome to our world! Thank you for letting us inspire you, for welcoming balance into your life, and believing in yourself. If you love this as much as we do, and you love birthday gifts, fun quizzes and ultra discounts that we don't share with anyone else, join our LUCIANA fam! Bring balance back into your inbox HERE! 


With love,
The LUCIANA team


P.S: Have any questions thoughts or ideas, send us a message our awesome customer service team is HERE to help.

P.S.2: Why are you in search of balance? We are listening...




bring balance into your LIFE 👏

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