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2019 Hello Today 12-Month Planner

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The #1 thing your 2019 Planner is missing...taking care of your soul! So we created one that does everywhere you go!

We have dedicated plenty of space for your to-do’s, weekly, daily and monthly meetings, but let’s be honest, your planner should be doing so much more than that…

Hello Today is a portable Planner that entitles you to be the author of your own journey; by creating a daily practice, you will relax, rejuvenate, release toxins, clean your blood cells, increase vitality, boost brain function, and repair your nervous system. Sounds heavenly right?


I will take you on a step-by-step self-discovery journey. Through daily meditation practice, to go along with the energy of the moon as it moves through each zodiac sign for the next 12 months. This intergalactic date between you and the moon will make you discover, connect and listen to your true essence. Removing blockages and fears that no longer serve you. Creating space for greater peace, better health, and a deeper satisfaction with relationships, personal and professional goals.

Don’t just leave your gratitude journal on your nightstand, take these spiritual practices and apply them at work, on romantic dates, with your girlfriends and even your pets! Linda, success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out! This is the change, the opportunity you have been looking for, commit to happiness!  We are infinite beings, the emotional complexity of your human form should not scare you or get in your way. This only creates turbulence, doubt, uncertainty, and fear. Place these aside, as they are just illusions of the mind, connect with your true self and make a point to care about yourself. 

  • January - December 2019
  • 5 x 7”
  • 12-Month, weekly and daily planner.
  • 12 Mediation practices and breathing techniques
  • Monthly Astrological guidance
  • Moon Calendar 
  • Setting intentions with the moon of each sign
  • Monthly burn and release
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Stickers
  • Important Information
  • Secret freebies like t-shirts, essential oils & more ;)
  • Notes & so much love!
  • 24/7 Online portal to expand your meditation practice everywhere you go!


  • Meditation to release fear
  • Meditation to find balance 
  • Meditation to remove all blockages
  • Meditation to get unstuck & remove limiting beliefs
  • Meditation to relieve stress & find clarity
  • Meditation for self-confidence & empowerment
  • Meditation for abundance & miracles

Use this Planner because it feels good, because it makes you happy, and because you came to terms that self-care does come first! Consider this Planer your roadmap for the next 12 months to support you, guide you and be there for you every day, Hello Today!… because every day is a new day…plus, you have an online version available 24/7. So no matter where you are, you are always taken care off! All I’m asking is for 3 minutes of your day, are you in?

With all my love and grace,


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