Protect your space - 4 Selenite Crystals

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Introducing your new favorite Crystal! The reason we created this package of 4 Selenites is for you to place at home. They are the perfect size for this small but powerful ritual. 

Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. Referred to as “liquid light,” Selenite has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant, stuck energy to promote a healthy, smooth flow of energy throughout your body.

1. Place each wand in each corner of your house. You can tape it or simply place on the floor.

2. You can hide it so other people don't see it if you would like. Leave it there!

3. This will create a force field in your home for protection and clarity. You can also do it in your office or any space a lot of time.

This will create an energetic fortress - a bubble of protection for your home or space. It will hold a clean vibration and remove or block any negativity to come in. You will feel the difference! I recommend, gift and share this little and beautiful secret to everyone.

Crystal therapy involves placing gemstones on the body or our space where we spend a lot of time, to draw out negative energy. Crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out.

Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation. Listen to their wisdom, absorb their effortless flow. These stones have been cleared, charged & ready to give.

Note: As natural objects, no two Stoned Crystals are the same.



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