ADI SHAKTI Tantric Mala Necklace

Size Guide

The Tantric Necklace is created from 416 gemstones with the vibration of a particular mantra. Arranged in a powerful geometrical configuration to amplify the vibration of gemstones properties

The pattern of the Tantric Necklace is focused on the central energy channel of the human body, the spine strengthens the energy flow and activates the chakras.

We benefit because the frequency of the Tantric Necklace is interwoven with the personal magnetic field, the aura. The aura of the wearer is strengthened, purified and protected. Allowing all that does not serve us to be redirected by nature and all that is good to come to us.


"Actually mostly you wear jewelry to decorate yourself, but there is a way to wear jewelry to energize yourself. Jewelry is not for decoration, it looks good. But once you ah… understand the stones and their energy, it's very beautiful." - Yogi Bhajan


Size Chart
This sizing chart is approximate. Sizing and cut will vary between styles, please use the charts as a general guide to compare the various size scales. 
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