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Gratitude is an Attitude - November -

Our November Online Workshop is here!

Give yourself 3-minutes a day and you won’t even recognize yourself during the Holiday madness this season! Let’s face it, the holiday’s are upon us, and it is a great time to think about gifts, target runs - just for fun- cocktails, cute outfits and of course connecting with the ones you love. Overwhelmed? Me too - and sometimes kinda stressful if we are being really honest! 

So here is where gratitude comes in! Let me introduce you to the craziest simple stress-busting tool you are definitely not using often enough; GRATITUDE! Gratitude should be your go-to keyword to dissolve all stress, get your mind to actually “let it go”, and ease into your heart for some good quality time - so you can actually enjoy even the office party!

This month you’ll be a) mastering personal desires, b) close the gap between where you are at and where you wish you were in life and c) feeling an overflowing sense of peace through everything in your life! Cheers to that! #gratitudeattitude



Your Online Portal -Exclusive access 24/7 to our CG online portal + community. Make part of this incredible community to share, support and rise collectively.

•  The Workshop - breathing exercises, meditations and some candy for your soul. This is where the magic really happens.

• 1 meditation to work on for 31 days. To remove old blockages and allow your heart to expand in a place for gratitude. Removing all insatiable desires.

Rewiring old stories - We will close the gap between "where we are and what we want" and why is it not happening fast enough.

31-day Challenge - Hold a 31-day gratitude compromise with our selves, we think gratitude is not a big deal, but how often do we practice it? And why is it not a habit?

 Gratitude = Abundance - What you give you receive, we will make sure this cycle is fully clean and well nourished with a powerful visualization.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the experience of your true self. Dive deep within - I will be guiding you - and do it in the most effortless way, with the most beautiful tools!


 ~  ~  ~

Love, Luciana 

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